Luby doobie doooo (no pics or vid, just a story)

After Mia's nap this afternoon (Thursday...I haven't slept yet, so it's still Thursday to me) we hit Ready Set Play, again. I think we're going to get the membership and save some $$. In such a short time Mia really has gained a lot of confidence there. Today was great because unlike yesterday it wasn't brimming with big kids stifling Mia's fun. She's added another inflatable to her repertoire, and it's hard for ME to make it!

Daryl worked late tonight on a project, so after RSP, Mia and I hopped over to Luby's for dinner. Once I thought of the plan, I was so excited. Dinner out with my daughter, how special. I tried to have a nice lunch with her after swim class last Thursday, but she ended up throwing everything up once back in her car seat. Apparently she'd taken in some water from the pool that just needed to come out...all over her and her car seat while traveling down 183. I digress. A special dinner...I wanted the fried fish (like when I was little...awwww) and Mia wanted the baked fish...really she did. It was also great because I can't even remember the first time my parents took me to Luby's. I've been going for so long. Sunday's with Mom and Dad, and Saturdays with Aunt Penny and cousin Michelle after some shopping. So, I plopped Mia down in I swear what looked like the same highchair. The tray hinges over your head...legs with wheels... Mia was so kind as to help push the tray down the line. Too cute. But when we got to the dinning room, I was disappointed. There were oodles of families. Parents with kids all having dinner like it wasn't anything special. And I'm sure it wasn't, but ours was. Until Mia commanded me to continuously stab her mac n cheese with her fork so she could eat each little piece. She couldn't get the hang of it, got frustrated and became quite the bossy little lady. Nobody awed over my little one, because there were tons of little ones around. She was rather charming pulling her red Luby's balloon around as we were leaving, though.

All in all, it was a nice dinner, but it didn't feel like the good ole Luby's on South 10th.

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