the things a Mama says

These are a few things I found myself saying to my daughter today:
  • I think we can fit in a quick walk before it starts raining
  • 1-2-3 JUMP!!!
  • Sure, we can stop at the park in the rain
  • Sorry Mia. The slide was wayyyyyyy slipperier than I thought
  • row, row, row your boat
  • Hold on, honey, let me help you off that hippo
  • How could all of THAT come out of such a sweet little girl!?!?!
  • See Mama? Ok. Push that button, and it'll take a picture of me. Here, let me hold it steady for you
  • row, row, row your boat
  • No, that's not the 'sky', that's the ceiling, but you were very close
  • open your mouth. what's that? Mia, no eating dog food...ok, but not too much. Did I ever tell you that when your mama was little, she ate cat food...with milk crystals!
  • 1-2-3 JUMP!!!
  • row, row, row your boat....
  • THAT"S the sky
  • no, Mia, you can't write on your melon (piece of melon @ dinner)
  • no, Mia, you can't write on the dog

Mia took the following picture of me. She was very interested in the camera, and the 'mama' she saw on the screen. I held it a little steady for her, and she pushed the button, then chuckled when she saw the picture she'd taken.

Very adamant that the sky is up there

Mia, with a yogurt mustachio, riding her hippo

Bean Beans

A little clip of Mia eating her lunch. It's long and just about her saying 'bean bean' instead of 'green bean'. I could hear her say it all day long (she is that cute when she says it), and now I can. Enjoy.

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