Our 1 1/2 year old

Today marks Mia's 1 1/2 year birthday!

I wasn't blogging when she was 6 months old, so I'm glad I took oodles of pictures (only 353 that month!) to go by. From the looks of it, she was definitely teething...fingers in mouth, much drool... Loved hanging out in her pool, but maybe didn't think her sunglasses were all that, but she wore them. Actually, she's been into the shades her Guelita got her. VERY Elton Johnesque. She was just starting to eat solids...by solids I mean squished bananas. Now, she's eating everything and with a fork and spoon!! She loved yanking on my hair and laughing with her Daddy. Already an avid reader...or chewer of books, we have many pics of her with her Boyton books. We have pics of her sitting on Gwen...when she was in Melissa's tummy still. Now Mia is en garde when it comes to Gwen. Just yesterday, Gwen was checking Mia out from a far, then pounced on all fours, made a beeline for Mia...who was not amused BTW. Poor Gwen just wanted to explore and play. Mia looked at Melissa and me as if to say 'can you teach the little one about personal space and boundaries?' It really was cute. Oh, at 6 mo, Mia was very into her feet...always sticking her toes in her mouth...teething perhaps, but fixated nonetheless.

From her Dr visit at 6 months, Mia's stats implied that Mia was short, fat and had a big head. Well, we haven't been to her 18 mo appt yet, but I think she's taller, leaner and kinda grown into her noggin, but yes...she is a girl with a big brain :)

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