Cozumel (FINALLY posting)

Ok, it's been over a week since we got back, and I haven't really written anything about our vacation. The thing about a vacation is that when it ends, there's loads of laundry to do, and of course....a Snapper to catch up with :)

We flew out of McAllen, through Houston and ended up in sunny Cozumel Friday afternoon. Poor Dee and Tom had to deal with the weather in Austin and Dallas. Their flight was delayed, and they ended up flying into Cancun, taking a bus to Playa del Carmen and a ferry to Cozumel! But they did get there in time for drinks and dinner :) While they were in transit, Daryl and I spent some time at the ole swim up bar. I'd been jonesing for a Dirty Monkey since our honeymoon, and it was worth the wait! Cold, smooooth and ohhhh so tasty.

Well all headed to town Saturday and did a little shopping, eating and drinking...ahhhhh vacation. It's funny now that we have Mia how much stuff we think she 'needs' or would look so cute in. I think (and Mia concurs) the best buy was a purple velvet Charro hat. Mia is a lover of hats and purple is the first color she learned how to say and identify. So there ya go, a purple hat! We spent that evening at the Mexican restaurant at the resort celebrating Dee's birthday. Tom arranged for a chocolate birthday cake (I swear it was solid fudge!), and Daryl arranged for some tequila shots. Dee got a flaming shot that she thought was something else, but no, it was tequila :)

Sunday Daryl and I spent the morning at the pool for some SCUBA stuff and we all just hung out under the palapas on the beach or by the pool. Tom bought a very interesting souvenir that he'll have to show you..or at least ask him about it when you see him next. Well, some of you might not know him or be able to ask in person, so only YOU...scroll down to the very end and I'll tell you what it is. For those who want to see it or ask him...don't read the last part at the very end of the blog :)

Monday Daryl and I went out for a 2 tank dive. The dives were about 45 min each and absolutely fabulous. We saw 3 barracuda, we swam with 2 sea turtles, I spotted a vivid green moray eel, and HUGE colorful fish. The coral reefs were amazing and I really wish our pictures would have come out better, but we were 50 ft below. We went through some amazing tunnels, too.

Tuesday we rented a car and tooled around the island. Stopping at Mezcalitos for lunch. The same Siamese cat was there from our Honeymoon...we feed her shrimp again. I did a little beach combing and found some interesting things...shells, rocks, coral, bottles, coconuts, a doll's leg (creepy!)...not so much debris, but very pretty sand smoothed stones. We hit Margaritaville and Tom was in the dance contest (I have some awesome video, but need to find time to go through it)for a free T-shirt. He was against 3 guys in their 20's, but Tom gave them a real run for the prize...until he blew out his knee!!! An awesome Dr came to his room and gave him several shots of cortisone and a painkiller that is very common, but I just can't think of the name right now. Oh, lidocaine. There, I won't be up all night trying to remember :) The shots made him feel better, but he was still on bed rest, so Dee, Daryl and I hit all the bars in the resort for beer. He was NOT going to go without on the last night of vacation! It was fun trying to walk from the lobby bar all the way back to our rooms by the pool/beach carrying cups of alcohol. I only spilled a few drops.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about our room! It was amazing! On the second floor right in front of the pools/bar and the beach. It was the room/view they used for their brochures we figured out after checking out their book. The food was really great and we loved checking out the flamingos, iguanas and macaws. Just so peaceful. A great vacation that we all so needed.

Daryl & I at the steak restaurant

my VERY handsome husband

our view from the room

beach combing

Tom & and some guys about to do a bravery shot before the dance contest
Awwwww Dee & Tom

Happy Birthday shot of tequila!

girls will shop

feeling festive

fabulous night at the Mexican restaurant

awwww can you feel the love?

about town

SCUBA in the pool before the big dives

***Tom got a sculpture carved from fishbone of a human skull!!!!!

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