Air travel with the Snapper

Daryl and I are back from our trip to Cozumel with Tom & Dee (too relaxed, will write about it later). Mia's also home from her vacation with her Guelita in the Valley. While traveling via plane with a toddler can make you feel dizzy, I do believe we all came through it very well. I was prepared with my bag 'o tricks!

Juice, milk, bunny, tiger, yellow bear, 4 books she'd never seen, a blankie (for warmth, to play hide-n-seek behind...and for cleaning up spills), wipies, diapers, snacks that she hadn't had in a while, extra clothes, monkey stickers..hey, what ever works!.... We used them all, and even improvised with a barf bag...makes a great puppet! :) We also dripped water on Mia's head, don't ask..it worked. Mia loved running up and down the concourse between flights. She waved at everyone, and was pretty much the welcoming ambassador for Southwest Airlines.

We saved the milk for take off and landing to help Mia's ears equalize. It worked until the descent into Harlingen. Mia just wasn't thirsty anymore. She stuck her fingers in her ears, shook her head back and forth while softly chanting 'no, no, no' like it was her little mantra. But then she saw her Guelita and all was good!

Mia, ready to travel with her mama's wallet

What? A HAPPY baby on a plane?!?!?!

Ready to get on the plane...literally!

well, it sure took her mind off of what was bugging her

Whatever works :)

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