Life with the Snapper

We've been having a blast with Mia! She's gone from us having to entertain her to being quite interactive herself. Among other words, she now says:
I love you (keep in mind...out of context, these sounds may not sound precisely right)
thank you
and she learned hopper today thanks to a couple of cute little grasshoppers that let me pick them up so I could show my daughter what the pictures in her animal books are all about.

We hit a couple of playgroups this week, and am very happy to report that Mia is back to sliding down with big slide at Ready Set Play (we went twice in one day). Totally getting over the time another little girl freaked at the top and wouldn't go down. Obviously messing with Mia's mind a little. We also were back into the swing of things at Little Gym and swim lessons. She had the best day ever at Little Gym on Thursday. So confident and happy. She was ready to do her thang on the mats and equipment (especially the balance beam) and hang with her friends that she hadn't seen in two weeks. Then we hit Petco since it's next door. It's our weekly thing. Mia loves it and Niles usually ends up with a new ball or stuffed toy. Mia loves the rabbits, mice and birds the most. This week the ferrets were very active, so she really enjoyed their little show. Swim lessons rocked. I don't know, it just seems that since she's been back from her Guelita's house, she's been so much more confident.

Oh, we found and got a house in Wells Branch. We move in on the 27th! Mia gets stairs!!!! Yay!!!!

Today, after I had some salon time, the fam hit the open road for the Nana's house. We hung out with Melissa and Gwen until they headed home, then we went outside for some sprinkler time. Mia had a blast if you don't count her mama putting sunblock in her eye by accident. I think it works out incredibly well when Gwen gets Nana time, then we come in and share, then Mia gets Nana time. It must be easier on the Nana that way, too. My mom has always liked spending time with me then with my sister, it's just easier on her and we all get to feel special :)

On the way home, we were a little hungry....even after grazing at Nana's, so we stopped at the Lone Star in Lakeway. OMG their tempura shrimp wrap is amazing....3 tempura shrimp, pico, jalapenos, pineapple, honey mustard sauce and a little lettuce wrapped up in a warm well cooked four tortilla!!!! I think Mia's mingo (flamingo) can say they make a rockin' grilled cheese...Mia shares :) Speaking of Mia, she hit the bed HARD once we got home...hence the time to blog!

A great day! Now I'm gonna go snuggle with my honey :)

There! Right THERE is a mouse!!!

The girls

where's Mia?

squish the baby

Nana, I could do this FOREVERRRRRRRR

mingos need to eat, too, ya know

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