Snow Day 2010!!!

We live in Austin, Tx...known for The University of Texas (Hook 'em!), Whole Foods, SXSW, ACL, Dell...and soooo much more. What we are NOT known for is SNOW! Last week it snowed for a whole day! Mia said...'mama, i decided to stay home from school today...to make a snowman'. 'nuff said. We got what winter gear we had on and played in the snow. Even Lily dug it...once she was up off of it and in her swing. Daddy got home early and had a nice snowball fight with Mia. I sure am glad Mia decided to stay home :)

(the following 11 shots were taken w/ my phone)
Mia telling Lily all about snow

Snow Mia & Snow Lily

Mia bowling...knocking the snowpeeps over

( ahhh the rest are taken with my dslr)

Daddy came home early!!!

Lily kept trying to make a break for outside...i stuck her in an ottoman ;)

it worked for a little bit

There's video, too!


robin said...

I love all those great pictures of your beautiful family! And, those tiny snowman are precious! We didn't get any snow where we live but my fingers were crossed, just in case. Maybe next time!

Christina said...

the itty bitty snowmen!!! Freakin' adorable! So glad you got some snow this time - isn't it a blast?! what fun, and what great pics.

Stacy said...

Looks like they were having an AWESOME time in the snow! What lucky little girls to be able to play in it as least once this winter. While I know it isn't normal for you, it kind of is a little magic for the kids, right?? At least you don't have our COLD to go along with the snow. ;)