in the loft

LOVING all this play between the girls. THIS is what we've been waiting for...I know Mia has.

Mia coaxes little sis with a balloon

it works!

what a tease!

a tease who can share, too :) Mia reminds me of a little kitten itching to play
hello. yes. i am aware that i'm about to eat my snot. what?
mom, feel free to put the camera down....really
my how her smile melts my heart!
more meeeeeelting
i just love this simple happy shot
THIS is my daddy's knee
and i'm totally devoted to it!
i. will. not. be. stopped.
see :)
flirty girl
ride 'em daddy! give the baby a squeeze, too! he so loves his girls!


Christina said...

so fabulous! how amazing to watch your girls become little buddies. your home is so full of love and laughter!

robin said...

They play so cute together!!

Nana said...

This warmed my heart. How special and wonderful!

Christen said...

love this post!!! so sweet.

Joanna said...

Ok Tanya....That flirty girl shot of Lily made me actually say out loud, "Oh my God!" What an adorable picture. I just LOVE to see these shots of your girls together...especially now that they can play like this. I cant wait for my baby girl to be born. Ella has been waiting for a playmate like that for almost 5 years now. What great love and fun you have going on over there!!