Thank You (too cute to not post)

Thank You!

Thank you for all the animal puppy and kitty gifts. Mama and lily and me all went to take the gifts to the dogs and cats. There was a LOT of stuff! We needed help! I helped carry a LOT of stuff! We gave them to the lady who helps take care of all the animals. We saw the kitties and then the dogs. Some of the dogs were barking loud and their room was very stinky. They had nice music aaaaand TRAMPOLINES! (cots) :)

My party was soooooo FUNNNNN! All my friends had cake AND cupcakes with me. I’m FOUR years old now! We were all cute puppies and kitties. I was a puppy with a red tongue! Miss Yvonne painted my mama, too! She was a kitty. My Nana pushed me and Gwen on the swings….all the boys played in the sandbox that my daddy built me. I want some more cake and cupcakes….please?

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Christina said...

okay, now that has got to be just about the cutet thing ever! Both the photos and her sweet words!! <3 her!