talkin' bout my girls

they play! they play TOGETHER!!!!! there's something so sweet about two little sisters playing together...ok, it's more parallel play, but they're totally interacting with each other. Mia shakes, jumps, peek-a-boo's her little heart out to get her little Lily to laugh. Lily will crawl right on top of Mia, if she's let her. they are in love with each other...as long as Lily doesn't get one of Mia's coveted toys or get in her space..."mamaaaaaa, Lily is in my spaaaaaaaace!!!!" Lily is as happy as a clam until Mia pushes her off. they're learning how to work it out, but in the mean time...yes, there is a lot of lovely playing going on :)

Lily had fun exploring her diaper box & it's contents

the train table has become quite the hit lately

i ADORE how Mia used her tiara to wrangle her dinosaur!

Lily had a super fab time teething on her sisters Curly Q Cutie...until Mia ripped it away and hid it in her room...for the record, Lily has her own that she equally covets ;)

Lily now has FOUR teef and is working on another as you can see

baby loves her some cords and cables...it's hard holding her back

Lily often puts something between her teeth and takes it to-go

Mia found a blank page in my journal to draw some of her fave characters

these two shots make me smile...so precious she is


Stacy said...

Oh wow, what great shots! Your girls are so adorable.

Eventually they play more together, and it is great when they get along. Of course...they will always have their moments. ;)

Gale Brown said...

those shots are so sweet Tanya. Loved reading it too! Che and Kai are doing the same thing! Che will rip something from him and stow it away to protect it and keep it away. so funny!