Mia went catching!

Some folks go fishing. We go catching ;) Mia's been going on Pawpaw's boat since she was little. We tool around checking out the birds, water, dolphin.... This was, however, her first trip out with the purpose of fishing. After a LOOOOONG rough 5 hr car ride, she jumped into her new fishing short, donned her fishing cap, grabbed her shades and life jacket and was set. "come on Pawpaw! let's go catchin!"

Pawpaw had her little pink rod & reel all ready. They hooked up some bait (frozen shrimp) and cast into the bay. A few little nuggets she threw out as well were: 'i wanna catcha KEEPER', 'here fishy fishy fishy', 'fishy, get on my hook', 'fishy fishy come get your bait' It was cute and worked! Mia caught 4 fish! A piggy perch and 3 hard heads..all perfect and just about her size. She fished with her Pawpaw, daddy and mama...we all helped her get those fish off her line and threw them back in the water to finish growing up. It was the most perfect fishing trip ever!

This morning, Pawpaw, Daryl & I went out to some rough waters, so Mia stayed home with Nana and Lily. We missed out good luck charm...the HUGE red snapper I hooked ran under the boat and broke free before we could get it in the net. The rest of our catch were small. I did get a few moments to just chillax and enjoy being out on the water.

Both shots taken by Daryl via cell phone camera.

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robin said...

What a totally cute little fish on that precious fishing pole!

We love to visit our relatives in Seadrift and my husband sometimes goes fishing with our BIL. Last time, my preschooler went too (it was a fishing, not a catching trip, lol!) We treat ourselves to a lunch at Clarke's Restaurant and sit outside to watch the boats go by and to catch a glimpse of a dolphin swimming by.

Christina said...

awesome, what a totally fun time! I'm so impresed with the quality of those cell phone pics, too.