Anika, Mia's friend, brought her whole family to school last week to share how they celebrated Diwali. Many of us wore our Indian party wear....it was sooo festive. The kids painted their diyas, ran and danced to the fun Indian music. It was a fun celebration....we are so very thankful Anika and her family shared something so special with us.

patiently waiting to apply glitter

Krista, a very shy teaching guide...and fabulous friend

what Lily did most of the celebration

Anika's loving Nani...embracing my Mia

that radiant woman looking at the camera is Anjalika..Anika's mama...and a lovely friend

She's beaming because her whole family was there...from California and Bombay!

baby Arjun, in Terra Luz style...donning glitter and a bit of metallic paint on his hand

Anjalika wrote all the children's names in Hindi

Mia dancing with wild abandon

they ran out of bindis, so Kellyann gave the kids dino stickers to wear

from left: Andrea, Mala, me, Priya (photo taken by Anja)

Mala and Priya are Anjalika's sisters...she calls us her Western sisters



S- said...

Beautiful photos! I can feel the spirit of the celebration. :)

robin said...

I have only paid attention and heard about Diwali this year. I love the information and absolutely wonderful pictures in your post!!! How great to be a part of that...at her school, and in life!

Christina said...

these are just wonderful photos. It looks like there was much to celebrate.
: )

Kimberly said...

The images - amazing. The learning experience - appreciated. Great post!

puna said...

What a wonderful photo story! I love it and now I know what Diwali is. Beautiful.

Christina said...

So totally lovely! Your images are beyond exquisute. Just...wow! I know nothing about Diwali, so thank you for the education. You have such an awesome community there.

Stacy said...

That looks like so much fun! We have gone to a Naming Ceremony for an Indian friend before. It is so interesting to partake in a different culture and learn about them. We were actually invited to an Indian wedding, too. It was a bit too far away, though. India is kinda hard to make...the though was nice, though. ;)

Andrea said...

thanking you, comadre, for joining us in the festivities.

your pictures are radiant.