mac n cheese, please

Totally love this series of Mia fiending for mac n cheese. She got the fridge open by saying, 'Quick mama, grab around my waist and PULL'...I did...it worked. Then using an ice cream scoop from her play kitchen....perfection :)

What's been going on in her world:

She's outgrown all of her clothes, which is fine b/c winter is coming up...and she LOVES shopping ;)

She's being trying to narrow her halloween costume choices down. Last week she asked if she could be a squirrel, a cracker, a house, a horse, a set of chop sticks, a blanket....for halloween :)

We're heading for the coast today, and all she talks about is going fishing. A new thing, b/c all she's cared about before was "driving Pawpaw's boat...FAST"

About a month ago she transitioned from her big girl toddler bed into her big big girl bed...a queen on a platform. LOVES it...sleeps diagonally and has chosen to skip the pull-ups and go to sleep in her undies. She even gets up out of bed to 'go'.

Mia started her dance class last month...ballet & tap combo and she just loves her Miss Michelle to pieces...almost as much as her leotard and ballet skirt. She spins and jet├ęs all around the house for her daddy.

On our walks, she picks up EVERYTHING...we have a nice collection of acorns, twigs and leaves.

Yesterday, Mia dubbed me Mama Duck, she was Big Girl Duck and Lily was Baby Duck...we stayed in character all day.

She's also very into her babies. She didn't really dig them before Lily was born. Since then, she nurses them, feeds them, hugs them and loves them....then leaves them on the floor for days :)


nopinkhere said...

What is it about ducks? We've been Little Duck, Baby Duck, Mama Duck, and Papa Duck on and off for a couple of weeks. Although today he's being R2D2.

Christina said...

isn't it amazing how our girls are growing up in so many ways?! her precious personality comes thru loud and clear in your posts. what a sweet, imaginative, clever child! not to mention cute. ;o)

LA said...

I love that Ms. Mia!!