i am sad
and i don't know why

i realized
if i didn't miscarry in the spring
i'd have a newborn right now

that's just sad
i didn't expect it to hit me at all, much less hard
see what i know

i'm glad my mom is here to play with Mia
i just want to curl up in bed on this grey grey day


Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry, sweetie. I had the same thoughts when my due dates came around with the ones I lost. Get some joy knowing that the little one you are carrying now is healthy and strong. Hugs to you, Mama.

C-man and Mama said...

Let yourself grieve that lil' one you lost and then rejoice that your new bun is nice and sticky!

anja said...

loss is never easy, the grief comes in waves at the least expected times..hugs to you my dear...blessings your way..

Wendy said...

I understand sweetie, more than you know... (((hugs)))