Another little peek

Mia can't get enough of Casa T...and neither can I. She always looks forward to seeing 'my friends' ...she'll name them all...and 'my Miss Andrea'. This week, their focus is on corn and they made little dolls from corn husks. Mia LOVES hers and wouldn't even let Niles (our dog) sniff it. I think he would like to get used to the little pet treats they made at Casa T last week. Now he thinks everything is for him. I had to post the shot of Mia with her binoculars she made at Casa T (last week was all about birds)...dirty face and all. Another favorite shot was of the kids enjoying the music of Ella Jenkins. Seeing Mia sitting on that drum makes me smile.

all of the photos are by the lovely Andrea


Andrea said...

The binoculars pic was my favorite pic of the day!

Thank you for being a part of the Casa T. family. I love what I do.

Jasmine said...

Where I attended pre-school, Ms. Ella Jenkins was a regular live-in-person singer! My favorite song is about stacking hay. Sooooo cool Mia is getting to know about the amazing singer Ella Jenkins is!