in a couple of weeks, a very dear friend, Sara will be participating in a fund raise/girls night out sorta thang for The Good Earth Day School. Her kiddos start attending next week, and she's already up to her elbows (literally) helping out. she'll be providing hand and foot massages as well as foot soaks and scrubs! she wanted to practice to make sure she could do it all and keep the line moving, so she oohhhhhh so sweetly invited her pregnant friends to be guinea pigs. yay! it ROCKS to be pregnant for so many reasons, but this is just gravy!

i joined other preggos....Heather, Andrea, Gale and two other mama's one very pregnant mama...due next week!....from the neighborhood, and Kristen from Manor. i'd met her at Sara's Memorial Day party, so it was super nice to see her again.

we ate, chatted, and were pampered. the water was just right...so was Sara's touch, but that's not surprising. she's super duper gifted in all stuff good and fun...just don't ask about house cleaning...we are indeed sistas when it comes to that!

thanks for a LOVELY evening Sara, and making us all feel so special and delicate on our lily pads :)


C-man and Mama said...

Ditto! Thanks Mama Sara!

Euphoria Face and Body said...

Hello. I just wanted to comment on how great of a concept it is for people that work in a Spa or perform Spa services to be able to give back to a charitable cause. I say this as a Spa owner and participant in a national fundraiser benefiting Aid for AIDS.

Every year (November 20th this year), we donate a portion of the day's proceeds to this fantastic charity. Last year, our donation was $1000 and we are working hard to get that number way up this year.

A big congratulations to everyone in the Spa industry that use our skills to benefit those less fortunate...also to the Bloggers that report on these efforts.

Steven Rukhman

Christina said...

Ahhhhhh! Now that sounds divine! I'm glad you got a special night out to be pampered!

Sara Ballard said...

SOOO glad you enjoyed it! It was MY pleasure, truly! It was so much fun having you all over, it actually was a very relaxing night for me too! you and all your lily pads ;)