Gwen is Two-rrific!

Mia's cousin, Gwen, turned two last week, and we were all out at the park this weekend to celebrate this sweet little girl. It had been a while since I'd seen everyone...home on sofa being nauseous...but, I've been feeling better and was ready to PARTY! It was a perfect day at the park, and all the kids had a BLAST. Gwen was a cutie trying to blow out her candles, but needed a little help from her mama. Mmmmm cake.

Oh, one of my highlights was when Gwen came up to me, pointed and called me Tah...my heart melts every time, and wanted me to pick her up and did NOT want to be put down. I could have held her all day. Then she pointed to rocks then the swing...so, I put her down and she held on to my big finger (hard) and we walked hand in hand to the swing....swung a little bit until she started squealing! Ahhh Nana had arrived. Aunt Tah was replaced :)

Here are a few...ok. MANY shots. There are even more on my flickr :)
(I still didn't get everyone or enough...but I'm just getting back into the swing of things)

photo of Gwen and me taken by the lovely Anjalika

We wish you the most wonderful year,

sweet Gwen.


Christina said...

You take so many great shots to really capture every detail of a special day! Looks like a great time.

anja said...

You really capture events fabulously, I love these pictures, i though tI had commented already...I guess I just spoke to you..=)

Melissa said...

Thanks for so many great shots! I hardly took any at all. So glad you and Gwen got a little aunt-niece bonding time.