Yvonne's Birthday Soiree

Today, this sassy girl is 30 years old!

Last night an intimate group of family and friends got together at Yvonne & Doug's new home that they've recently refurbished. It's AMAZING and I want to live there! After a yummy dinner of HUGE burritos from Chipotle, we all hung out on the floor and transformed ourselves into artists. Yvonne and Doug are both very artistic peeps, and she wanted nothing more than her family and friends to get down in the paint with her. It was relaxing and one of the best times ever! Domi titled his painting of war...something about love :) Andrea created a beautiful sunset, and my creativity yielded some green and blue swirls.

photo of me taken by Andrea (we were testing out the light)

Happy Birthday sweet Yvonne!


Andrea said...

You are speedy quick! I'm about finished with mine. I especially love the silhouette of Jason. I had a terrific time and am glad you're part of my crazy, eclectic familia!

Oh, and Domi says, his piece is titled, "Flares of Love"

Yvonne in Austin said...

More great photos! See, this is why I'm not a photographer - I can't make my self sit down and process photos :) You guys are AWESOME, and we all had such a great time. So glad we got to slap some paint on canvas and release our inner artists :) Maybe next time you will be able to have an adult beverage! Thanks again for everything and sharing these photos!

Christina said...

What an awesome time! All these fantastic times you have make me want to relocate to Austin. :o) LOVE the paintings. And Chipotle - yum.

Stacy said...

That looks like so much fun! Love Chipotle, too...yum! That picture of you is really nice...and love the one you painted. Great job!!