Happy Belated Balentime's Day

I'm a week late on this post, but here it is :)

Valentine's Day or as Mia calls it...Balentime's Day...was so wonderful. I went to my first prenatal yoga class....it was PHENOMENAL! It was so amazing to be in a room filled with other pregnant women at varying stages of pregnancy. Talk about beauty and connection. LOVE Yoga Yoga's after session tea. Yoga was followed by a 1 1/2 hour massage with the lovely Sara Ballard...ohhhh I soooo needed that! She's beyond intuitive and pretty much perfect....she had Valentine's gifts for her clients...I selected the beautiful daisy pictured below and a yuuuuummmmmyyyyy bar of organic almond and dark chocolate bar...um...HUGE bar!...It was GONE before I got home. Thank you Sara...you make everyone feel so special.

Later, Daryl came home with gifts for his girls. He's a firm believer that Valentine's Day is a time to shower the women in your life with love...and chocolate! Mia was thrilled and was almost vibrating as she tried to get her card out of the envelope...I LOVE that Daryl gets so much pleasure from selecting the always most PERFECT card...he spends a lot of time and thought into what he picks...Mia got a very sparkly Ariel card! Over the moon, that sent her! Then he gave her what she now calls her lovey bear. They were so cute snuggling on the sofa together...Daddy, daughter and lovey bear....Mia LOVED my flowers and even let her lovey bear smell them. Too cute!

The flowers...let me tell you about the flowers! Roses and snapdragons are my fave. My darling husband replaced the snapdragons with my new favorite flower....casablanca lilies!!! For our Lily. It took me a long while to stop crying on that one!

OK! My husband actually surprised be but BIG this year. He knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Godiva dark chocolate....so, he gave me a big box of them, and under the cherry cordial (the first one I always go to) was a gorgeous bracelet!!!! I was totally speechless! He usually has me 'ok' a jewelry item before purchase, but this one he did all on his own and it's FABULOUS!!!!

From me? Oh, he got just what his sweet heart desired....beer :)

a few days after...those lilies really bloomed!

This man cherishes his girls every day, but on Balentine's Day, he really had fun and from the HUGE smile on his face, totally loved giving those gifts to his girls.


Amy said...

My gosh, what a sweet honey!!! I love all the pics.. and that last shot is so great! Your hubbies face in the distance next to those gorgeous lillies... thankyou for sharing about your Day of Love :)

Hugs.. Amy

cherish.photography said...

what a beautiful day filled with love! Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

The bracelet is beautiful. So thoughtful of Daryl. I puffy heart him.

Christina said...

What a sweet day, from beginning to end! You sure do have a special man there. Lillies - awww!