the new thought

i found this photo and thought 'fuck! i have to dust, too?!?!?!'

nahhhh dusting is the least of my priorities. my sis will be in town tomorrow and i MUST get clean sheets on her bed. Mae was supposed to be here tonight, but got a late start. yay! more time for me to procrastinate. actually, i've been doing pretty well at all this cleaning stuff. ALL our laundry is clean...except for what we're wearing, and while Daryl and i tossed the nudist idea back and forth, we ultimately decided against.

pal o' mine Jenni came over today to watch Mia while i went to the salon for my appt with my stylist (love how that sounds). i'm part of the babysitter exchange thang, and scored Jenni and her cool kids to keep Mia in line. anywayyyyy Jenni got a smidge pissed that i cleaned for her.

it's now rude to clean for friends. the new thought on cleaning and friendly visits is 'if you were truly comfy around me, you wouldn't feel the need to clean up for my visit' and 'if you were truly comfy around me, you wouldn't judge me for my lack of housekeeping prowess'. so, to clean or not to clean...i don't want to seem rude....but i am trying to train my non-cleaning self. so, the timid little answer i gave Jenni was 'but i didn't sweep, mop or vacuum' :)
a side note - i'm feeling better with a slightly cleaner home, Daryl has noticed and given me props...he's even helping!


Bonnie said...

My house is SO great. My house is SO clean. Well aren't YOU special!?

iMother2.0 said...

the downstairs is semi-clean...does that me any less special? :)

Sara Ballard said...

Bonnie's comment made me laugh!!!! I think you're onto something Tanya! Now you know I value your friendship!

iMother2.0 said...

For the record: I know that Bonnie was joking. Notice the smiley face after my reply. Bonnie loves me so much that she emailed to check that I knew she was a joke. Sarcasm online: it may or may not translate...it did :)

p.s. ask her what band she was listening to tonight :)

Sara Ballard said...

Who thought Bonnie was serious? :) Ok, all this cleaning talk made me feel guilty and it forced me to CLEAN my kitchen tonight, so.... thanks, thanks a lot! :) Ok, what band was she listening to??

Andrea said...

Funny to read about all this cleaning posting. I'll be doing a post on this very topic soon. I wanted to on Saturday, when the sacred event happened, but haven't had time.