happy birthday O'Mamas

a year ago, a feisty mama (Andrea H), wasn't satisfied with any mother's groups she'd encountered so far, created her own haven for mothers who don't quite mother like most. The Other Mothers Meetup group was born. i'm so proud to be included in such a warm, crazy ass, loving, silly, supportive, informative, fabulous group of women who call themselves the O'Mamas. they've picked me up when i've been down, shared in my joys and everything in between. i could go on and on and on and on....

monday was the First Annual O'Mamaversary. our magic decor theme was based on
Magic Powder...for the inside scoop check out Mel's blog. super designer, and O'Mama, Sharon designed an O'Mama version of the packaging.

ok. this is NOT about MP. back to the celebration. we laughed, we cried (ok, maybe just me), and we DRANK! there were a couple of games...Steph's necklace game (i sucked) & guess who 's who from our baby pics game (i put that game together, therefor ineligible to win...i knew all the answers). there were awards...i actually won a few...

  • Most Likely To 'Shout' At Ten Mamas In a Day (giving a shout out is a good thing...i like to show the love)

  • Most Likely To Give You A Big Hug At Every Playdate (more showing of the love)

  • Most Likely To Post Pictures Of A Playdate (an award i most happily share with Andrea T)

  • Most Likely To Let Their Kid Run Free At Playdates (happily share this with Mel, who lets her little G freeball quite often. i dig this award the most...it shows what i strive for as a mama. letting Mia learn about the world through exploration...plus, i'm always taking shots of other kids...see award 3)

our new O'Mama logo was unveiled...designed by super designer Sharon. everyone LOVED it. (this is the part where i cried..oh, i almost cried here)

Photographer extraordinaire, Bonnie, posted 55 shots from the night...here are a few of my faves.


Mama Zen said...

This sounds like a fabulous group!

C-man and Mama said...

Thanks for your help! Much love mama, much love!