last friday night, our drumming fun loving instructor* invited her students and their significant others to her home for dinner, drinks and music...there was also a little bit of dancing at the end of Fanga. Daryl and Mae (my sis) came to hang out and watch me play the djembe with my beautiful friends. having them there really added to the excitement and made it a real performance :)

lighting was poor, but the energy & love that night was brilliant

Here's some poorly lit, highly distorted video of a warm up then parts of Fanga...that song went on for 22 minutes, then the camera ran out of space!

*out of respect for my drum instructor's privacy, I've ommited her name...but feel free to email or ask me for info...she's FABULOUS!!!


Stephanie said...

That was such a fun evening! I'm glad that I was able to take that class with you and the other mamas. It was such a great experience.

Kristin said...

how fun is that!