she knows a few things

My mom asked today if Mia knew any new words. Here's an updated list:

Words she says when she sees it without being prompted (please keep in mind that Mia is a little shy and doesn't really do this a lot around other people w/o being prompted):
dog, Niles, Mama, Dada, Nana, Pa Pa, Ita, Max, juice, milk, night night, light, book, ball, car, papa (food), snack, grapes, duck, pig, wheel (for pinwheel), side (for outside...this is a very popular word), peas, monkey, pop (for lollipop..in one of her books), berry (strawberry), berry berry (blueberry), bear, star, heart, bug (for Nana & Pa Pa's pug named Bug, and for ladybug), water, slide, bubbles, Buba, Joe, baby, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly, bee, shoe, shock, bath, cheese (this one surprised me today), nana (for banana not to be confused with Nana), bunny (graduated from bun), hi (very popular when we're out and about, walking into a room or just wanting some attention, bye bye, boots, mouse, bird...I know I'm leaving many more out, but I'm sleepy.

If I ask, 'Mia, what's this?':
paper, rock, rain,

Other words she says (prompted. Mia's been mimicking a lot lately):
out, up, pees (please), no no no, purple, play,

animal sounds:
moooo, baaa, bawk bawk, hoo hoo, roar (different tones for bear, lion or tiger), neigh, ruff, meow (went from mow to full fledged meow),

She also knows that Nana says woohooo! and Pa Pa says 'yes' :)

On a physical note:
Mia LOVES to kick balls, spin in circles, dance, walk up & down stairs or steps all by herself, but holding on the railing, help get dressed, comb her hair, put toys away, stack toys, carries her little baby doll around like a real baby (she's been keeping an eye on Lisa and her new baby), pushes herself around on her little car, she can also pet very gently now. There are several cats on our various walking routes that can vouch for her ;)

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