more ducks

okay, actually there were a couple of ducks, but mostly geese. Mia thinks that geese are ducks...shhh, don't tell her ;)

We hit the Arboretum today for a playdate. Mia is not a blanket baby (oh, how I miss those days...sitting, chatting...)! As soon as I put our backpack down, and said 'hi' to everyone, Mia was off and running. Up and down the stairs...walking down, actually while holding onto the railing. Wanting to explore/get into the water fountain, checking out the cow sculptures, and pretty much everywhere. We stopped for a juice break until she figured out that she could explore while drinking. We hooked up with Christina and Alex after he finished his lunch. We all ended up walking (I use this term loosely, bc the ramp was steep and cobbled with limestone so the Snapper was carried for most of it) down to the duck pond in search of ducks. We found a male mallard (my favorite type of duck) and two females. I still had a few animal crackers in my hand, yes I'm an awesome mama, to temp them with. What we did end up catching were 4 ferocious geese! One actually took a nip of Alex's shorts. It's great that the kids weren't scared. They were just enthralled with the BIG ducks! **just in case you're just tuning in to this blog, Mia's most fav animals in the world are ducks and this is her first time seeing them up close and personal** Christina threatened to knock one over it's head with her water jug if he came closer to her boy! Who needs a guard dog when you could get a goose?!?!

After the trek back, Mia rolled around in the mud a little more, then we headed toward the car while having a chat with Melissa and Gwen. We usually don't get to talk much at these things bc Mia is everywhere and Gwen loves hanging out with her Mama on their blanket...but Gwen's got some moves on her, and I'm sure Melissa will be chasing after her in no time ;)

On the way home we hit a gorgeous spot covered with yellow flowers...perfect photo op. Also got some snaps of Mia playing with her Daddy's hat...exhausted from the playdate and wanting to hide.

it's sooo beyond my naptime

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