I needed a good laugh

Daryl's Uncle Michael and his two boys Josh and Jake were in town en route to Port O' Connor for the weekend. We hadn't seen them since July 4, 2005 when we first introduced them to Texas fireworks in the backyard. We were lucky enough to be able to stop by for dinner and catch up with the boys. Mia LOVED them. Tom couldn't find a sub for his pool team, so he had to go play. At least we got to visit for a little bit.

Jake said some incredibly witty things. Keep in mind, he's not used to hanging out with little kids, and he's only 12.
I asked Mia, 'where's your belly?'
Jake 'where ISN"T her belly?' (he doesn't get why babies are chubby)

Jake was feeding some cheese to Mia and said he felt like he was visiting a petting zoo. I'm sorry, but that's just funny.

They finished the addition to the house, and it's so beautiful. There's so much light, and the bathroom vanity is simply gorgeous! Now Memaw gets her own comfy bedroom & bathroom, and Tom gets his pool room. They moved up some of Memaws furniture from her house, along with her piano. Mia LOVED playing with it, and Josh, honestly is an amazing pianist. Mia got to dance with her Nana while Josh played.

Daddy and Nana took Mia out to swing for a while and when they got back, Mia had a flower for me. It was my very first hand picked flower from my daughter. It was so fabulous, Mia tried to eat it! Speaking of eating, we're pretty sure Mia does not have a peanut butter allergy. She got a PB cracker from Memaw's stash, and ate it right up.

It really was a fun night. I can't remember when I laughed that much and that hard! Here are a few snaps and a couple of videos.

Josh, who happens to be a little shy

Mia and Nana tickling the ivories

My Boys

Sweet Mia brought me a flower with a little help from her Daddy & Nana

petting zoo

high stakes game ~ if he lost he'd have to give me a hug.

Mmmmm not really sharing a PB cracker

Mia showing Josh how to play

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