we got out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah called this morning warning me about the storm that was coming this way. Torrential rain, wind, lightening, thunder, egg sized hail!!! I've never cleaned out a garage faster! Well, the storm moved West before hitting us, but at least I have a nice new protected spot to park my car :)

Mia's still on her ball kick, so we played with her variety this afternoon while we waited for Livie to wake up from her nap. Then off to the mall for our first playdate in weeks! Oh, Mia picked out these pants and shirt this morning. What a fashion plate!

Lori and I learned not to plan on a playdate at the mall play area right after school or on a rainy day. There were a few older kids that were running around not caring who they crashed into. There moms? Oh, don't worry they were there on the bench visiting with each other. I put my ref hat on and stopped the kids from running after one boy ran Mia over. She was tough. Then I had to make sure they didn't push Mia down the slide. I actually intervened for a couple other smaller kids. Livie was accosted by a brute. Lori and I packed up our girls and hit the food court. When we went back, all was calm. There was one little boy a little older than the girls, but not much. He was great. His Dad was totally present and redirected him in such a loving way. The word of the day is Redirection. A fabulous tool for keeping your child alive and happy. The girls did have fun in the play car.

We ran into a couple of Mamas I knew...Han and Taz. I'm so glad I pried us out of the house! Thanks Lori & Livie, for a wonderful afternoon. Warm healing thoughts to Sarah and Co. They have the flu bug and not able to come out to play :(

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lori said...

we had so much fun, yesterday! thank you for coming out with us! i'm glad we had safety in numbers with the big kids and that we learned (albeit, the hard way) when NOT to go to the play area.

these pics are gorgeous. i love the one of mia making her surprised fishy face while livie inspects the inside of the car :-)