Mia's Chuck E Cheesy!

Mia's been crazy with her teething, so Suzy recommened going to Chuck E Cheese (we were in the neighborhood) to get her mind off things. Well, she had a GREAT time with a couple very minor boo boos. The carousel was possessed and almost flung her off - not really, she just slipped a little and hit her head on the bar.

She did like the toddler area. It has a neat slide that you go down by climbing up to a platform. It's very much like the one's at McDonald's, but on a MUCH smaller scale. Mia went down and had her first lesson in static electricity.

On the way home, she played with her new baby doll (thanks Janice & Memaw!). She can point out the nose and hand. Very cute to watch. She gets so excited whenever I show her the baby, and she just can't wait to get her hands on it.

Mia also was very big girl by snacking from a snack bowl while being chauffered around town by her mama :)

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