Higbee Water Park

Suzy and Keith were gracious enough to share a resplendent afternoon with us. They had it goin on with finger paints, a water table & toys, hose & then sprinkler, bowl & buckets of water, and an extraordinary playscape. While the girls played in the water, the adults stayed cool with some frosty beer. Livie and Mia played so very together. Thanks Livie for sharing your toys, backyard and parents with us. After they were sufficiently filthy, the girls went up for baths then relaxed in the living room...well, Livie did. Mia was on baby crack or something. She was obviously exhausted, but she just wouldn't give up. Suzy compared it to trying to nap while at Disneyland! Daryl, Mia and I ended up going home sooner than we would have liked, but as soon as Mia hit her crib, she was OUT. Daryl and I were in bed and asleep by 9:30!

Suzy Explains the rules (even the dogs pay attention)

Mia & Livie make their own rules

Suzy blissed out....Mia adores her

Sprinkler fun
Ride 'em cowgirl!

Arrrg! Off with the hat!

Just a swingin'

Livie smack in the middle of the Terrific Twos!

Daddy, I'm flyyyyyying

Spinning with Daddy

You can do it Snapper