Sweetness...and lots of it!

to say i'm behind in blogging would be putting it mildly. i still want to post about my birthday...that was in August!

this post is all about sweet sweet baked goods and a super fab baked goods and craft sale i went to before the holidays. Yvonne hosted the affair. i always love being in her company and her home. we used to carpool to drum class together...chatting, stopping for a beer en route...good times. friends and family came out with their yummies and homemade wares. i baked my chocolate chip banana bread, and came home with a plate full of delish goodies and a bag full of charming gift tags (made by Jeanne, Yvonne's mama), luscious soaps (by Yvonne) and knit wear (Anjalika's mama...Anjun's grandma...Nani). happy holidays to me! :)

i had the most fun chatting, eating and shopping with some wonderful peeps...hope it's a yearly event ;)

my heart breaks that baby Arjun is crying, but this is one of my fave shots i've taken in a while...just holding on to his Nani's pearls....sweetness.

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Christina said...

ooooh, that does look marvelous. But darn you for making me hungry on a Sunday evening! I love your detail shots.