ice cream makes it better

Daryl took this sweet shot of Mia...sitting on a curb savoring her last bit of ice cream. what this photo doesn't show are the minutes before we headed for Maggie Moo's.

we were at Home Depot getting wood for the sand box daddy's building for her fourth birthday. as we were getting in the car, she tripped over my foot (why was it my foot? i feel so horrible thinking about it) and hit her chin on the floor board of the car. it looked bad. it sounded bad. it was bad. her chin began to swell instantly and there was blood. lots of blood coming from her mouth. she had bit her lip and i don't know...but there was lot's of blood and she was crying. daddy comforted her immediately, while I put Lily in her carseat. but the time i got back around the car, Mia had relaxed a bit and was talking about ice cream daddy had promised her for the swelling. i laughed at my tear faced daughter and her hero of a father and told her that she didn't need to try to break herself to get ice cream. we all ended up with ice cream...Lily with ice cream covered banana chunks from mine.

when our children hurt, we hurt...ice cream definitely makes it better, though.


Christina said...

that last sentence - soooo true! :o) Hope she's healing up nicely!

Joanna said...

Its so horrible to see our babies hurt. Especially when there is blood involved. Ice cream....Oh ya! Cures just about any ochie!

I love the whispy hair in this shot.