This and That

For Mia's first birthday, I ordered a plush from Etsy named Toothy Snake Bone. While packing up all her stuffed animals for the big move into our new house, Toothy Snake Bone was rediscovered...Mia proceeded to stick it in her mouth and shake it wildly about like Niles goes with his doggie toys!

More fun with Miss M.... this day, Miss M shot Mia with the bubble gun...much to Mia's delight. Mia chose to combat the bubbles with a light saber made from pipe cleaners, naturally. Miss M made a beautiful sun that Mia claimed as her Big Sister gift from Miss M :)

Then out came the makeup! Mia has a super cool pink glittery makeup box filled with lip balms and now she's added some pastel eye shadows. She's so girl...when she's not jumping in the mud! Mia applied sparkly eyeshadow to everything (toes) and everyone (Miss M).

While dancing around, Mia hit her hand. HARD. She cried and I held out my arms for her to come to me...she sobbed, 'no...I want my Miss M' awwwww

Here's your Lily fix


Maggie said...

That Mia is too funny! And what a little cutie Miss Lily is -- already getting so big!

Stephanie said...

I love seeing pics of my girl through your lens. She has such a good time with you guys. I love that last photo of Lily. She's so beautiful and looks so much like her big sister!