Miss M

Since school is out, Mia's at home every day. It's wonderful, but with the new baby, getting the new house ready and trying to purge and organize in the old house...she hasn't been getting the attention she's used to at school. So, I hired a mother's helper for the summer...Miss M. She's my dear friend Stephanie's 16 year old daughter, and since she has two little brothers at home, she's FABULOUS with Mia. Basically, they play all morning. Do their nails, play with lip gloss and eye shadows...paint, play dough, read books, blow bubbles...all things fun.

Every night, Mia asks if Miss M will be here the next day. I wish! Only three mornings a week :) Mia is forever calling Miss M her best friend.

Conversation while coloring:

Mia: Miss M?
Miss M: yes, Mia
Mia: I love you
Miss M: I love you, too, Mia


Stephanie said...

Aww...she has such a good time with you guys. I'm glad that you're happy with her.

Jen said...

Sounds perfect. I bet Mia loves the special attention plus it frees you up to get some stuff done.

Cara said...

Sound like a good time for all. My neighbor is a work at home mom and she gets a mother helper for the same thing. The girl is awesome and plays lots of outside games with the kids.

Andrea said...

How fun! Bet Miss M loves hanging out with a girl. I had 2 younger brothers and wanted to play with girls.

lori said...

this sounds like a lot of fun...what a great idea. i've only seen miss m's mama in pics, but WOW does miss m look like her mama! beautiful!

i'm waaay behind here, so bear with me. lily is adorable. i love the pics of her and mia together! one more thing...congrats on the house!