fairie kite

Mia, you got a mini fairie kite from the easter bunny last month, and have been patiently waiting to fly it. The other morning, before school, you asked if you could fly it. I told you there wasn't even a slight breeze outside. You said, 'don't worry mama, i'll run REALLY FAST!'. Still in your pj's you got your kite and we went out to the back yard. We got her all ready and you zoomed zoomed zoomed around that tree and got it flying! Every time you'd stop to look if it was in the air, it would float down. Running at top speed and looking back while not hitting the tree, a chair or the playscape proved difficult. After stopping to feel your fast beating heart, you looked at me and asked me to get my camera....'mama, if you take pictures of me running, later i can see the kite flying!'. Here you are, my sweetness, flying your fairie kite! Love, Mama :)

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