menorah, latkes, dreidels...oh my!

Stephanie and her son C had us over for a little Chanukah playdate. I regret not having any photos of Stephanie...she spent most of the time in her kitchen frying up the tastiest latkes I've EVER had! The kids played and mamas visited while she cooked, then we were invited into the kitchen to eat up all the golden potato goodness. Mia devoured hers. I devoured mine...and Lily's ;) She also had dreidels and gelt coins for the kids. Stephanie had their menorahs out...so lovely. Mia thought we were at an Anika celebration...Anika is one of her dear friends. Stephanie explained what the Festival of Lights is all about. We talked a little more about it on the way home. Lily, actually played with the big kids. She liked the play barn and all the kids kept bringing her toys to play with (read: put in her mouth). We LOVE learning about and experiences other cultures...Thank you Stephanie and C A sheynem dank :)

following photo of Mia and Anika playing was taken by Anja

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Joanna said...

You always have the best playdates! The kids are so lucky. Great shots.