lagniappes for Mia

Daryl and I went on a long weekend getaway to New Orleans. Spending some time in a fabulous city with my darling husband was beyond perfection, and so much needed. I'll write all about that later. This post is about the little gifts we brought home to Mia. I KNEW I wanted to get her a feather boa, but then I saw those feather covered hats...Mia's favorite was this little doll I picked up at the end, and I'm so glad I did. Oh, she dug her feather mardi gras mask (mama, i'm soooo FANCYYYY)...even wore it to school the next day. That reminds me of how all her friends at school LOVED her little doll, too. The funniest gift was the DVD of the Dragon Master Showcase...they were some b boys that performed right across from Jackson Square. They were great, so we bought their DVD. What she ended up spending the most time with, and still does, were the three New Orleans post cards. She was fascinated and wanted to know when she could go :)


LA said...

LOVE THE PICS! oh how fancy!

My Life My Life My Life said...

The 6th photo is gorgeous!!! I love it.