i miss

i miss my beer.

holidays are hard.

i just wanna hang with friends and drink beer.

lots and lots of beer.

dos equis in the green bottle. no glass. no lime. thanks.


iMother2.0 said...

i still miss it :(

gale said...

um....I hear ya! I totally know what you are saying. soon enough we will be wasted again on NO SLEEP and post partum hormones!! AAAHHHH!!

Jennifer said...

I'll drink one or two for you. Don't worry they will be consumed in your name.

jw said...

I miss you drinking beer with me!
:( Painful for the both of us I suppose. Beer thirties are always more fun when you're there enjoying with us!

Andrea said...

I keep forgetting to check this blog.

I miss our Dos XX moments together, but know that we will have them back again soon.