This post X-mas O'Mama playdate event was a series of games and challenges that utilized all the leftover packing materials from the holidays. We were asked to save wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, gift bags, empty wrapping paper, paper towel, or TP tubes, cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. and bring them for use at this event. The kiddos worked independently and together to complete a series of events utilizing these materials.

Before the games started, some of the kids played a little b-ball. Ellis & his brother Evan great shooters, while Mia preferred to DUNK!

After snacks were served and eaten the X-Games started!

Mia & Colton waiting for snacks

Mia, Sarah & Alara are Ladies Who Lunch

There was the ball race where the kids took rolled up gift wrap and tissue paper that were made into balls from one bag and ran to put them in another bag. They boys and Sarah really got into this. Mia was confused with all the running and chaos. She did get one in.

Then it was time for larger than life blocks. The mamas built up this huge structure with some large boxes and demolition squad made them come tumbling down....again and again. The kids even enjoyed building it back up just to knock it down again. The guys were naturals, while Sarah and Mia did there share, but didn't want to put their yummy muffins (thanks Mama Elsa) down :) Priorities.

Two boxes were propped sideways so the kids could either kick or roll the balls into them. That was a hit. The guys kicked, Sarah rolled, and Mia just walked up and put it in the box.

This is how Sarah rolls

Some wrapping paper rolls were brought out so the kids could play hockey with them. Mia was a fan of this game, but every time she swung, she let the roll go!

The younger kids had a fun time just wandering around and playing with the odds & ends laying around. Colton's playscape was especially cool. There was a swimming pool of packing peanuts that weren't ever used...not sure what the game was going to be. The wind kept carrying the peanuts into the yard, so everything went inside, and Mia had fun burying her feet :)

One other added attraction was Shiva....Colton's dog. Colton took Mia over to the dog run to intoduce her to his beloved Shiva. Mia LOVED her and said she was a 'good girl'. It was such a super fun day! Thanks Andrea & Colton!!!!

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C-man and Mama said...

Love the video! Thanks for posting as in the hub-bub I always seem to miss capturing those special moments.